Book Two of Sunset Rising series… “Worlds Collide”

I have to admit to being the world’s worst blogger.  If it’s any consolation, my every spare moment has been spent working on Book Two of the series… entitled “Worlds Collide” (I’d love to get your thoughts on the title!).  The cover has been created, the story is being proofed, and it will soon be ready to go out to beta readers (next week fingers crossed!).  I had originally hoped to publish by Christmas, but there was a section of the story I wanted to research and refine, so I did.  My editor’s appointment is now set for mid-January and I’m now looking at a release date of the end of January.  

Stay tuned for a cover reveal and excerpt!




New! Satellite 3 and an Update

I hope everyone is enjoying spring!  So nice to feel the warmth of the sun after a very long winter.  It’s great for getting the creative juices flowing!

Well the end of May is almost here – a month past the time I fully expected to be sending Book 2 off to an editor and my proofreader.  I’ll be honest.   My husband’s year-long deployment overseas to an area that has been in the news lately has been, well, a little emotional to say the least.  I’ve also been settling into the routine of being a single mom – a very proud mom! – to two accomplished girls (one is a competitive swimmer, the other a martial-arts tournament winner).  All this is to say, Book 2 is still a work in progress.

I am devoting my every spare moment to writing.  The story is exploding inside my head and I’m already mentally writing book 4!  So yes, I need to get the words on paper.  My husband is home for a visit (yay!) in 5 weeks, and I plan on having book 2 written and off to an editor and my proofreader.  I might even pull a few all-nighters to get it done!  In July, I will start writing book 3.

In the meantime, I have written Satellite Story 3 – David Chavez, and I hope you enjoy it.  For the next satellite, I think it’s time to check in on the Kenners and see how they’re getting along.

Thank you to everyone who has read Sunset Rising and given me such amazing support and encouragement!

Satellite Story #2

The second satellite story is finished!  It is simply entitle Summer Nazeem and can be found here.

I wanted to make an announcement to all my incredibly supportive readers that now that Sunset Rising is gaining more circulation, it has come to my attention that there are still a few editorial errors.  Although I did use an editor prior to publishing, unfortunately she and I were not a good fit.  Consequently, I have had a few issues.  One of the huge benefits of self-publishing is that I can go back and make things right.  And an even bigger benefit is that I have made some truly wonderful, generous friends that believe enough in me to lend their support.  I am overwhelmed by the time and effort they have devoted to me (Christina and Janeal!!).   I thank each and every one of you for giving me your feedback.  Your support really is making  me a better, more critical, writer.

I am also busy writing book 2!  My life has been a little crazy the last few months.  My husband was deployed overseas for a year and I am settling into single parenthood.  I am still hoping for a late spring release of book 2.  I promise to keep you updated!

In the meantime, I hope you like Satellite Story #2:  Summer Nazeem.  

Sunset Rising Free on Smashwords

Since I’ve had a lot of readers ask about the free Smashwords coupon for Sunset Rising, I’ve decided to post it here:  CM85F     Expires:  February 28, 2013

If you don’t have a Smashwords account yet, setting up one is easy and free.  And the best part is you can download whatever format you need (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, etc..).

Sunset Rising is the group read this month for the Goodreads group Addicted to Novels: YA and more and will be the group read for YA Apocalyptic and Dystopian group in March.    I love to hear what my readers thought of the book, so join in either of those groups (or both) and/or leave your comments here and on Smashwords.  As a debut author, reviews are gold and your support means the world to me!  Thank you!

I love hearing from my readers!

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