About Me

Author Page 2I am from Nova Scotia, Canada.  I attended Dalhousie University (with some very animated, funny, intelligent people!) and earned an Honours degree in International Development Studies… I miss those carefree days of discussing the world’s problems, thinking I’m smarter than everyone else in the world, and coming up with theories to solve the world’s problems while under the haze of alcohol.  Yep.  There’s a reason why I never became a world leader.  However, I had the chance to study under a few leaders, including Elizabeth Mann Borghese.  I urge you to look her up; the daughter of Thomas Mann, she was a leader in the crusade for World Peace in her own right.  She was my hero.  Although I had lofty ideals about one day following in her footsteps, the pitter-patter of little feet had other ideas for me.  As a mother of two and a military wife to boot, the jet-setting world of International Development was left in the wake of my otherwise normal life.  Until now…  With both my children in school and my days to myself (yes, I do neglect laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and other crap) I get lost in my writing.  It brings me joy and great happiness.


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