Another Update on Worlds Collide

Just wanted to let you know I received the manuscript back from the editor and I’ve been working through her edits ever since.  She congratulated me on a “clean” manuscript, so she didn’t have many edits to do… Mmmm… I’m hoping to get through them all and send the manuscript back to her by Monday.  It shouldn’t be much longer.  Thanks again everyone!  Sorry for the delay!

I’ve had some great feedback from the ARC Giveaway too.  I LOVE getting emails from my readers 🙂




6 thoughts on “Another Update on Worlds Collide

  1. Just finished reading Sunset Rising. Rarely am I intrigued enough to continue a series and I have never emailed an author. But with your book I am anxiously waiting for Worlds Collide to continue the story. Hope it is soon.

  2. I read Sunset Rising last year and I loved it! I came by the novel on Ibooks by chance, it sucks that it was taken off the Ibook store in Australia but i’ll find a way to read Worlds Collide, so excited! You are a fantastic author!

    • Thank you Katelyn! Sorry I took it down from ibooks, but do you know how many sales I made on ibooks? One. You must be the one. You do bring up a good point, and it’s certainly blog-worthy. I’m going to write one.

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