Book Two of Sunset Rising series… “Worlds Collide”

I have to admit to being the world’s worst blogger.  If it’s any consolation, my every spare moment has been spent working on Book Two of the series… entitled “Worlds Collide” (I’d love to get your thoughts on the title!).  The cover has been created, the story is being proofed, and it will soon be ready to go out to beta readers (next week fingers crossed!).  I had originally hoped to publish by Christmas, but there was a section of the story I wanted to research and refine, so I did.  My editor’s appointment is now set for mid-January and I’m now looking at a release date of the end of January.  

Stay tuned for a cover reveal and excerpt!




5 thoughts on “Book Two of Sunset Rising series… “Worlds Collide”

  1. I like the title. Obviously , Jack and Sunny enter the world outside the dome with a bang. I literally could not put down “Sunset Rising” until I finished reading it (I just put it down at 3 am this morning). I look forward to”Worlds Collide.”

  2. Just finished Sunset Rising and cant wait for the next book. It was amazing read. It wasn’t normally my type book to pick, but when I found it for free I thought why not and Im so glad I did, wow! Thanks for a great read. looking forward to the next one!!!!!

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