Sunset Rising Blog Tour, Giveaway and $2.99 Sale!

Sunset Rising Blog Tour, Giveaway and $2.99 Sale!.


Sunset Rising Blog Tour, Giveaway and $2.99 Sale!


Sunset Rising is now on it’s first blog tour with Enchanted Book Promotions.  Below is the schedule for the month long tour.  Anyone interested in entering for a chance to win a free paperback copy, please follow the tour!  As well, I’ve put the digital version on sale for just $2.99 during the entire month!

As always, I love hearing your feedback.  I hope you can join me on tour!

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I fricken loved this story! Paula’s 5 star Review of Sunset Rising!

Paula Fetty-King‘s review

Jul 19, 13

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Read from July 17 to 19, 2013
FABULOUS!!! I fricken loved this story! I have to agree with another reviewer who said this is 7 star book not a 5 star ~~seriously it is THAT good! First, the writing was flawless~ really, really well told. Think Hunger Games meets Under the Never Sky ~~ simply awesome! How is this not on every bestseller list yet? Listen to me now, please… if you love Dystopian YA novels ~~~ READ THIS BOOK!The adventure in this story is gripping from the very beginning. The world is described so well, it is all very real. The people of the Pit live with such sever oppression. While the Domers have such abundance. The characters are fleshed out perfectly- you really do suffer alongside them, and some are just so easy to hate. Sunny and Jack are both complex in their own ways, and make a fabulous team. Jack was a such a pleasant surprise. I can not believe the ending… I don’t know what to do now… Ms. McEachern, I am begging you to please release the second book soon.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, and that is what I’ve given. I will gladly buy the next installment and the next after that. I am proudly displaying this book on my favorites shelf right beside Veronica Rossi, and Suzanne Collins.

Freebies, Tours and More!

Just taking a break from writing/editing book 2 to give an update on how it’s coming along.  I’m loving the story so far. And I’ve also been in contact with my cover artist and she is set to create another masterpiece. Look for a cover reveal in November.

Aside from my love of writing, I’ve also been dealing with the technical aspect of being published. A newly polished edition of Sunset Rising is now with the printer and will be available soon in paperback. To help get the word out, SR is going on tour with Enchanted Book Promotions from September 23 to October 23, 2013, and anyone can enter to win a free paperback! Once I have a schedule for the tour, I’ll post it here.  It’s my first blog tour, so fingers are crossed (and toes too!) that all goes well. With the newly polished edition of SR now available, I’ve taken the book down from most ebook stores temporarily, so it is currently only available with Amazon. If this causes a problem for anyone, please send me an email.

In addition to the above paperback giveaway, I’m planning my very first free ebook event on Amazon! Sunset Rising (digital edition) will be available free on Amazon September 18 and 19, 2013. I would be so appreciative if any of you could give me a shout-out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. It’s a great opportunity for those who have marked the book as a “to read” to get it for free.

I’ve written another satellite story, this time on Bron Llewellyn.  You may recall, she is the guard on the sixth floor.  She is introduced in chapter one of SR and plays a minor role throughout the book.  I hope you like the short story and, as always, I love hearing your feedback!

My hubby is still in Afghanistan, but we’re planning a family reunion in mid-October.  He’s been gone 7 ½ months (only 4 ½ months left to go!), so we are all very much looking forward to a family vacation.  I intend to make my daughters climb yet another volcano (took them to El Tiede a few years ago), maybe even two.  Mt. Etna is active and I can hardly wait!  However, I will enjoy it more if I’m on schedule with book 2… so back to writing for me.  Take care and thanks for stopping by!

What to read after THG? 7 out of 5 stars for Sunset Rising!

Zeina‘s review (Goodreads)

Jun 28, 13

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Read from June 27 to 28, 2013
No spoilers.
This book truly blew my mind. It is pure GENIUS. At first, I thought it would be another boring dystopian novel. But as I got into the book, it sucked me in and did not let go. I finished this book in under two days because I could not stop reading.The general idea of the book is that since WWIII has occurred, the air is radioactive. Hundreds of people force their way into a structure that will help them live. The bad part is, everyone except the so called “government” are bound to a treaty which is otherwise known as slavery. People live in terrible conditions underground, are beaten if their work is not done right, and have limits to everything. Including age. Hundreds of years later, a teen named Sunset is caught in the middle of a situation between the brutal president’s daughter and her fiancé. Sunset finds herself the hero of her people down in the Pit and the people are starting to rebel.

Hunger Games fans will by thrilled to have a new book on their hands. I NEVER compare books to the Hunger Games, but this book is definitely worthy. This book is as good, if not BETTER, than the Hunger Games. (Sorry Suzanne) Yes, I went there. Dystopian lovers MUST read this book.