New Satellite about Jack’s brother!

It’s been a very busy summer!  I’ve been hard at work on book 2. Although it’s not yet finished, the bulk of it has been sent to the first beta/proofreader last night.  I’m hoping to complete the manuscript by the end of September.  I’m glad I’m taking my time with the story because I’ve been able to weave in a few more twists!  Depending on how quickly the editing and beta reading process goes, I hope to have it published before Christmas.

Keep your eye open for new Satellites.  A new one is being released today about Jack’s 17 year old brother, Ted Kenner.  He’s an interesting guy and one that might just have a role in future books.  I have three more Satellites in the works before book 2 is published.  They are integrated with the main story and may even hold a few surprises for book 2 😉

I’ve also been working on getting Sunset Rising into paperback, which I hope to have available this Fall.  It’s going to be really cool to see it in print!

I’d like to wish you all a fabulous summer vacation, but I know not everyone on the planet is having summer right now.  Here in Canada, we’re getting a well deserved break from the snow… although it won’t be long before we see it again.  In the meantime, I’ll soak up the warm sun!

Enjoy the Satellite!  And I’m always thrilled to hear your thoughts!

Cheers – Susan

2 thoughts on “New Satellite about Jack’s brother!

  1. I can’t wait for both the printed book and book 2 to come. I am soaking up the sun here in BC. It sad to think there is only 10-11 more weeks before the snow starts to stick!

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