Sunset Rising: Favorite book of 2012 for Alicia!

Alicia Batista‘s review

Mar 29, 13

bookshelves: to-reada-must-readactionadventure,amazingdystopiafav-sr2ryoung-adultpost-apocalypse

I own a copy


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything you are about to read is my full and honest opinion about the book!

This Book was AMAZING! Unlike ANYTHING I have EVER read! I enjoyed this book thoroughly and am eagerly awaiting the sequel! The writer has done a remarkable job with the descriptive writing and the plot was out of this world AMAZING! I look forward to more of her books in the future! She is definitely up there on my top favorite list of authors! 🙂

The Plot:

Past Time: Year 2024

The World has crumbled! In the year of 2024, World War III has begun! Fighting for survival and searching for any signs of hope, a innocent group of survivors seek refuge with the Bio-Dome Government! But all is not as it seems! They have to pay a very high price for admission! They have signed over their lives and their unborn children’s lives and all their other children to come after that! They had to sign a treaty agreeing to become slaves for the Bio-Dome Government and in exchange they were to be granted shelter and protection from the outside world and whatever food they were offered! They are living and breathing, but they are pretty much dead inside, and you could say they just sold their soul to the devil!

Present Time: Year 2307

283 years later Sunny O’Donnell is born into slavery. Forced to do what she’s told, when she’s told, if she wants to live to see another day! The citizens are subject to the cruel cruelty from the corrupt government called the Bourge! They are forced to do hard labor, while suffering from being beaten from the government! They are hardly given enough food and water to survive and are ALL killed off at the age of 35 prevent overpopulation! And to make matters worse the women are considered play toys and men and women in slavery will be beaten or killed for any reason the government sees fit! Things are not good for Sunny and the other citizens of the Bio-Dome and their in NO sign of hope! That is until Sunny ignited a uprising she did realize she was starting until it was too late!

Now tricked into a marriage and on the run from the Bio-government with her husband in tow and marked as a traitor, Sunny must figure out how to fix things before she is caught and put to death and made an example out of!

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING??? Yeah, I know it was! 🙂 This book is my one of favorite books of 2012!

So Overall I give this book an EASY 5 stars!


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