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Sunset Rising is the group read this month for the Goodreads group Addicted to Novels: YA and more and will be the group read for YA Apocalyptic and Dystopian group in March.    I love to hear what my readers thought of the book, so join in either of those groups (or both) and/or leave your comments here and on Smashwords.  As a debut author, reviews are gold and your support means the world to me!  Thank you!


Samantha’s Review (5 stars)

Samantha‘s review

Feb 17, 13
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Read from February 09 to 17, 2013
This book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest and fair review.

World War 3 – Military vehicles are seen disappearing into “the Dome” Civilians push their way in on foot, But only the fastest make it before the doors are closed for good. With the radiation threat on the outside there is likely to be many generations in the dome.

Forced to sign a treaty that will see the Civilians treated as slaves in the pit and culled when they reach 35. The ‘Bourge’ live the high life and use the female Urchins for their entertainment. Step out of line and a beating is expected. When Sunny is dragged from the dark pit up to the dome for the bachelor party of the man who is to marry the president’s daughter, she doesn’t expect to be drawn into an evil plot by the Bride to be.

Her life will be changed forever and the man that she is tricked into marrying will have his eyes opened to just how evil the government actually is.

I struggled to put this down. It has a little bit of a “Les Miserables” to it. A story where a brave girl is not scared to fight for her people. The story of Sunny O’Donnell & Jack Kenner is very inspiring. Where a ‘rich’ man is helping out the less fortunate to help them revolt against a government.

I am really looking forward to Book 2 in the series!!

I give this a rating of 5 stars.

Goodreads Groups Featuring Sunset Rising

I am very happy to announce that Sunset Rising will be a featured read on the Goodreads group YA Apocalyptic & Dystopian Fiction and I will be putting out another Smashwords coupon code for March.  Anyone interested in getting a freebie of Sunset Rising to read over the March Break can join in on the monthly read with this awesome group!

There is still time to join GRs Addicted to Novels: YA and More and participate in the February read of Sunset Rising for free with a terrific group of people!

And I encourage anyone interested Sunset Rising to contact me directly here on my blog.  I  always love hearing from my readers and enjoy any feedback you would like to leave me.  I have received some amazing support and reviews from readers and I thank each and every one of you!!  You rock!

Cheers – Susan

5 Star Review from Sarah

Sarah Canning‘s review

Feb 06, 13
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Read in February, 2013

Imagine not being able to feel the sun upon your face, or the wind caressing your skin. After World War Three in 2024,Nuclear Warfare forces 567 people underground – bringing a halt to a Democratic Government and forcing people to adopt a Dictatorial Government. Almost 283 years later, Seventeen year old Sunset O’Donnell has never been above ground and she’s never been free. She will never be free, unless she rises up for what she believes in. But, she can’t do it alone. One man, Jack Kenner, who has always lived freely, will take an extraordinary and unanticipated journey with her. They will, against all odds, fight for the freedom of an entire community of peoples, uniting them against an unjust and abusive Government.

I’ve always been a big fan of dystopian novels and have read a few interesting ones, but Sunset Rising is one of the best ones I have read. What makes it so remarkable is the realism illustrated in this story. It’s not incredibly far-fetched to anticipate Nuclear War and what that would mean for desperate people seeking shelter, fighting to stay alive. As a reader, I was hooked early on in the story because I kept on asking myself, “What would I do?” It’s almost too scary to think of in great detail because it isn’t an unfamiliar fear.

One of my favorite themes in this story is the possible love developing between the two main characters because, throughout the entire book, even as they are fighting to stay alive, the possibility of love overcoming all obstacles is always beautiful. I liked how the author, S. M. McEachern, didn’t allow the main character’s feelings for each other dominate the storyline. She tastefully and realistically evolved their relationship throughout the story, which not all authors have the ability to do. I’ve read too many books, where the main characters fall in love way too easily and have an unrealistic relationship, seeming forced and unnatural.

I am honestly glad that I gave this book a chance and look forward to reading more of what S. M. McEachern has to offer, including the next installation of this promising series.

Sunset Rising Free for February

I wanted to remind everyone that I am having a promotion on “Sunset Rising” for the month of February through the Addicted to Novels Goodreads group and the Addicted to Novels blog site.  Join either one of those groups (or both!) and contact the moderator for a free copy of the book from Smashwords.