New Sunset Rising bookcover!


New Sunset Rising bookcover!

I’m sure you will agree that Nathalia Suellen is an amazing artist. Nathalia has captured Sunny sitting on the stone stairway that leads down into the Pit at the moment Sunny realizes what she has done. But as we all know, Betrayal is just the beginning.



February 1st is quickly approaching and I’ve been working hard to get ready!  My first “Sunset Rising” satellite story will be posted here on my blog, so if you want to see how Reyes is handling the break-up, check it out!

My new book cover is on schedule and looking gorgeous!  Nathalia Suellen is so talented and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her.  I can’t wait to see what springs from her imagination for the entire series!

In case you didn’t already know, I have teamed up with “Addicted to Novels” to be their February read of the month!  If you’re interested in an a giveaway of “Sunset Rising”, head on over to the Goodreads group, Addicted to Novels YA and More or Addicted to Novels Blog and become a member of one of those two sites (or both – they are fantastic!).

Satellite stories are here!

I’ve completed my first Satellite Story for the “Sunset Rising” series.  Satellite stories are short stories, based on a character or an element of the series, designed to enhance the story.  Although I love writing from Sunny’s point of view, there are things happening among some of the other characters that she can’t see; hence, satellites stories allow me to give the reader a “behind the scenes” look at what is going on.  Your feedback is important!

I will publish each satellite as a post and alert readers on Twitter whenever I have a new story.  So if you are interested, please follow me on Twitter:  @smmceachern

My first satellite is about Reyes Crowe.  He’s hasn’t been taking the break up with Sunny too well.  In fact, he’s a little lost and looking to find his way.  You can find it here.  Enjoy!

Sunset Rising Awarded 5 Stars by Readers’ Favorite!

It is 2307, nearly three hundred years since nuclear war destroyed the Earth. Now, the only civilization remaining is the people of the Dome, a sealed refuge from the toxic radiation that remains. The people of the Dome live in luxury, but it comes at a great cost. Their survival depends upon the subterranean Pit, where Sunny O’Donnell lives. The people of the Pit were not meant to be in the Dome 283 years ago when the bombs went off. They had to make a deal to get inside to safety: they signed themselves over as slaves to the Dome, and they would each be killed, or Culled, at age 35 to prevent overpopulation. This is the world in which Sunny now lives. Through a series of events, she finds herself involved in the upcoming marriage between Jack Kenner and the President’s daughter. When the situation goes sour, Sunny and Jack must fight for their lives, and for the lives of all who live in the Pit. Revolution is the only solution.

“Sunset Rising” is thrilling; there is no better word for it. It lures readers in with its fresh and tempting plot, and then hooks them with nonstop action that leaves them reading late into the night. The beginning doesn’t do the rest of the book justice, but if readers allow themselves to be taken in, they will have a heart-stopping ride until the very end. Romance, intrigue, and action all come together beautifully here to create an experience that will leave anyone asking for more.