Another 5 Star Review!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Fantastic Page-Turner! October 20, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Wow! What an amazing book! I couldn’t put this book down. As global nuclear war devastates earth, a large group of civilians storm a bio-dome that has been previously prepared for military and government officials. The Dome wasn’t large enough to handle the additional people so the civilians are reluctantly forced to become mining slaves to purchase a place inside. Two hundred and seventy three years have passed when we meet Sunny, a “pit” slave. Life is brutal for her and the other slaves. They are regularly beaten and abused by the “Domers” and “culled” or exterminated when they turn 35 years old. Through a surprising turn of events, Sunny’s destiny becomes intertwined with a Domer, Jack Kenner, who is different. They challenge their beliefs and the governmental system as they run for their lives.

I am shocked this is this author’s first book. It is excellently written, fast-paced, and loads of fun. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction. It reminded me of Jeanne DuPrua’s The City of Ember, but even better! I would rank this book up among some of my other favorites in this genre, such as Suzanne Collin’s works, (such as The Hunger Games and Gregor the Overlander) and Neal Shusterman’s Unwind.

This page-turner is a must-read!

My second review!


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